The idea for Fragrart was born on the Costa Smeralda, amidst super yachts, luxury hotels, exclusive villas, beaches, nightclubs and top restaurants.
We wanted to introduce a product that isn’t currently available in the hospitality and entertainment industries: fragrance.
Fragrance can represent a place, express an identity, it can be the reflection of an image, a metaphor for a message or, more simply, just a great feeling.
We aim to deliver new, exclusive, customized fragrances through soaps, creams, shampoo and hand sanitizer.
Our aim is to stimulate the senses using simple cosmetic products. And with Fragrart, the end justifies the means.


The Fragrart company came to life in Vicenza, amongst distilling flasks, test tubes, dispensers, labels, containers, and the design elements of a young and innovative company.
It was born from the intuition of 5 grown-up kids: Giovanni, Piero, Paolo, Davide and Alessandro.
As atmosphere designers they’re always looking out for the unique ingredients that go to make up a place, to allow them to express this through fragrance.
And that’s how the Villa Monica fragrance was born.
As atmosphere designers they study the character of a hotel or restaurant to allow its welcome to be conveyed through fragrance.
And that’s how the fragrance for the Petra Segreta Resort was born.
As atmosphere designers they explore the image of a yacht or private jet to allow that luxury to be transmitted through fragrance.
And that’s how the fragrance for yacht clubs and airlines was born.
Sometimes they even let someone smell a fragrance and they fall in love at first sight, or should we say first scent.


Fragrart comes to life each time a new fragrance is created. 
Each time an image comes to mind as someone senses an essence.
Each time a memory come flooding back when someone recognizes a scent. 
Each time someone immerses themselves in an ambience and discovers how good it feels.
Of course, all restaurants and hotels do so much more, but in its own way Fragrart brings something special to their hospitality.
Because every Fragrart product is a piece of the puzzle that - in a hotel or restaurant - brings everything together and makes the luxury service really work.             


Now that we've created the concept, we won't stop at the start up.
We’ll keep on creating the new guest experiences you want from us every day.
And now you’ve learnt a little about Fragrart, don't stop at the concept. 
Come on in and join us.