It deals with shaping space and aspires to last over time.
Space is the essence of design, as time is the essence of beauty: Fragrart is the essence of luxury.
Fragrart creates unique fragrances for sustainable cosmetics, and exclusive designs with sophisticated materials. It builds extraordinary surroundings where design solutions diffuse the warm welcome of exclusive fragrances.

The bottle.

Even an invisible element like fragrance needs color. 
We’ve chosen it for our bottle: unique, unmistakable, black. 
In a unique shade, exclusive to us.
It's designed to look just as at home in a luxury boutique as a star-studded hotel or onboard a private jet.
Color is the defining element of our brand.
And the round bottle design encapsulated the richness of Fragrart's fragrances.

The 500ml format.

The opposite of disposable.
Designed to be refilled: with soap, cream, hygienizer. So it becomes sustainable.
It has the advantage of containing a lot of product: it can reach more guests than a hotel room.
500ml is the only size that allows hotel and restaurant owners to obtain an eco-label certification.
It never passes unnoticed.
It stands out in the context of the bathroom as a design piece amongst other objects in the room.
We chose the 500ml format for our target. Because alongside the quality of luxury, goes the luxury of quantity.


A product that creates a mood needs its own stage. 
That's why we designed displays in multiple formats and materials.
So the bottle is not just placed anonymously on the basin. 
The display can be specially customized for the hotel or restaurant.

It conveys the idea that this is not just any product, but a brand. 
And you’re tempted to go straight out and try it.
Unlike a wall fixture, the display is not static – so the guest can move it to wherever they need it in the room.


Not just a design solution for hotel rooms.
Custom made for common areas in luxury hotels and wellbeing clinics: gym, pool or sauna changing rooms.
The applique is static so that Fragrart products are always available to guests.
A design solution that can also be used in restaurants.


All displays and fixtures are entirely handmade.
Handcrafted and certified by small workshops in Italy. 
Which means the entire product, and not just the concept, is made in Italy.
First we visit the hotel or restaurant.
We study the interiors and atmosphere of the bathroom and design a unique solution in harmony with the environment.
Marble, methacrylate, plexiglass or a mixture of resins: the materials are carefully selected with the client.
Meteor or Carrara marble displays are made only upon request, as are the genuine leather labels that we apply by hand.
Fragrart's products are made by people, not by machines.


There's the path from the lobby to your room, the path from appetizer to dessert. Then there’s the Fragrart path.
The guest steps into the restaurant bathroom and soaks in the mood created by the Fragrart fragrance diffuser.
They wash their hands with the soap resting on the cool display and delight in the same fragrance.
Then they dose a little cream onto their dry hands and enjoy the softness of their skin exuding that same fragrance.
At the same time, the hotel guest enters their bathroom and sees the eye-catching display resting on the shelf with three products.
They linger in the shower having experienced the Fragrart fragrance that the hotel offered for the preparation of their room.
They take the Body Soap and Shampoo into the shower. Then they step out, dry off and envelop their body with Body Cream.
These are just two of the pathways that can be created with Fragrart's cosmetic products and fragrances.


A finite number of ingredients for an infinite number of combinations. 
Customizing fragrance is an experience you can explore through your senses.
Close your eyes and start to visualize people, places, things, views, memories, events.
Fragrance is in all of them: it starts from a point, traces a journey and pens in the atmosphere of wherever you are.
In the end, its sensory notes convey the identity of a place, the hospitality of an ambience, the essence of a business.
This is how Fragrart's exclusive fragrances are created, made to measure for luxury villas, starred hotels and restaurants, boutiques, private jets, luxury real estate and yachts.


All Fragrart products are made with biodegradable and allergen free ingredients.
They are free from parabens, dyes, sles, edta, pvp, silicon and paraffin. They contain only natural oils and vegetable-based surfactants.
We never use petroleum-based products or solvents. We follow the principles of green chemistry.
Each cosmetic formula complies with WHO guidelines.

All products are cruelty-free.
Each product label includes instructions on correct packaging disposal: of the bottle and the dispenser.
The 500ml format allows you to refill the same bottle and avoid waste.
We are a partner of the One Ocean Foundation which is dedicated to the conservation of our marine world.
The mood created by Fragrart is also conveyed through the safety of the products it creates for you.